Thursday, 7 April 2011

Where is God They are around with us

We have all heard people say "where is a policeman when you need one" Why do people say that, simple there is a problem.

Every so often you will hear some say " Where is God when I need Him".

Why do they only need God when they have a problem and why do they blame God for not being there. I have said it before, ask a stranger to give you $500 and see what happens then ask someone who trusts you.

Why should God help you if he does not know you, even if the situation is real bad He is not going just stop the world for you, you have never stop to spend time with Him.

God will help everyone who is prepared to help themselves and if you spend the time talking with God and telling him what you need and asking if it is the way to go he will answer. However, if you sit in a corner and expect things to come to you, you are going to be in that corner a long time. Get out and put your heart into what you are wanting to do and talk with God all the while. I do it and at times I forget where I am and get the odd look of 'shame he talks to him self" or he is nuts. Well it is quite amazing that while I am doing something and talking with God how things just work out. I ask him to help with just little mundane things, or a minor problem that I want to solve. I scratch my head and look at the problem and ask' God what would you do" or How would You do it" it is not long before the solution is found. I did not think of the solution if I had, then I would not have needed to ask for help.

God is always there, you just have to find him and you are not going to find him by sitting with your mouth and mind shut. You can ask him anything and once He knows that you want to change your life and make Him the most important person in your life you will not only have the best friend in the world but also the best advisor and confidant. Remember he made you and he knows you inside out. He will not take lightly to you trying to pull the wool over His eyes. Give Him the life he has loaned you and ask Him to run it for you and when you ask He will be there in an instant.

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