Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rudraksha (s)-Tears of Shiva

Rudraksha is the seed of Rudraksha tree. This tree grows mainly in Nepal, Java, Sumatra and Rishikesh, Hardwar, Karnataka are some main places in India.
Our seers observed these peculiarities and made detailed investigations because they found lot of energy in each seed. In Vedic

Literature they have widely explained the beneficial properties of attracting healthy vibrations. Yogis wear it as a necklace. One cell seed or Ekamukhi Rudraksha is in great demand due to its high energy potential. Mrs Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India used to wear the necklace of Ekamukhi Rudraksha.

Rudraksha for health
Rudraksha determines positive or negative energy currents flowing in the body of every person. The blood pressure of the wearer becomes normal. Its energy charges help and strengthen the heart reduces tension.

Lightening does not strike the wearer, protects him from accidents, and bestows good luck. Person with positive energy current should wear on the right hand; with negative currents on left hand. It can be worn on the neck threaded with gold, silver, wire, in a silk or woolen thread. So that it remains in gentle touch with the body to boost in unity.
Rudraksh is of special importance in religious ceremonies and prayers of God - Goddesses. It is difficult to get one faced and 9 to 14 faced Rudraksh. One faced rudraksh is very rare and is very powerful.
The 5 faced Rudraksh Chain (mala) is therefore considered ideal for pooja purposes. A rosary of 26 beads of rudraksha is placed on head, a rosary of 50 beads is placed over the heart, while a 16 beaded rosary is kept on the forehead.

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