Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh Hingula Devi... Hinglaj Maa

Welcome to the most sacred temple built by nature over 200,000 years ago,” said the pujari (the priest) when we entered the holy place nestled in the colorful mineral-caked overhanging cliff of an old river. At the same time, we heard drum-beats & bhajan (devotional song). The sound echoed off the surrounding peaks giving supernatural effects. The pujari recited a mantra, “Oh Hingula Devi, she who holds nectar in her self and is power incarnate. She who is one with Lord Shiva, to her we pay our respects and make this offering (swaha)"

Later, he explained that Hinglaj is one of the holiest shakti peeth (sites of cosmic power) of Hinduism. To calm down an entranced Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu is believed to have carved Sati’s Body into dozens of pieces and spread them across the South Asia. Mythology states that the head landed at Hinglaj. Lord Ram had meditated here.

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