Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ten Important Symbols :-

  1. Om (Aum) – the most important Hindu symbol, often used as the emblem of Hinduism (see above).

  2. Hands in prayer – a sign of respect for the sacred, that which is dear to the heart (see above).

  3. Lotus (padma) – symbol of purity/transcendence. Growing out of the mud, it is beautiful, and though resting on water, it does not touch it.

  4. Conchshell – used during arati: one of the four symbols of Vishnu. The others are the lotus, club and disc.

  5. Swastika – an ancient solar sign considered to invoke auspiciousnes.

  6. Trident (trishul) – the symbol of Shiva; often carried by Shaivite sannyasis (renunciates).
  7. Kalasha – coconut circled by mango leaves on a pot. Often used in rituals such as the fire sacrifice.
  8. Cow – symbol of purity, motherhood and ahimsa (non-violence).
  9. Lotus feet (of guru or deity) – touching the feet of superiors shows an attitude of submission and service.
  10. Dipa/lamp – symbol of light.