Sunday, 26 September 2010

Why Baba gave importance to lighting lamps during his life time ~:

Even baba lit many lamps in his dwarakamai everyday to eradicate the sins of villagers and bring health, wealth and happiness for every family residing in the village of shirdi.So remember , you pray sai and your sai himself has indirectly proved the value of lighting lamps contineously.There is a story where the shop keepers dint gave oil to baba and baba uses water instead of oil to light the lamps.

When you read this incident dont get attracted to the miracle baba did . Think what baba tries to convey. Baba has given so much importance to lighting lamps , He loves it so much.What he tries to convery is a message that ...

1 . Lighting lamps will surely gain you blessings of God, Baba and all the siddhar and devars.

2. It eradicates the past sins,It prevents evil souls and evil angels to enter your house.

3. It opens the eye of wisdom in you which helps you take a proper decision and lead a simple but satisfactory life.

Helps to over come struggles in life :

It gives you strength to overcome struggles in life and brings good hearted people towards you.
For women who light lamps contineously in temple, she will get a good life partner and for men vice versa.

Gains you blessing of Goddess of learning and Arts - saraswathi :

Kids who are having problem in studies, memory loss and health issues will surely see a good change if their parents light lamp in any temple contineously for more than 64 days.You can do it all life but try atleast once.( during the days when you cant go temple ask a family member to light lamp )
If you have any pains because of any relationship issues please light lamp contineously .Baba will atleast show you if that person is good for you or bad,so that you can decide to make your mind strong to take any decision properly. If the person is good , lighting lamp will surely bring peace amoung you.

Solves Financial problems :

If you have financial problem or pains because of debt please pray sincerely and light lamp contineously everyday any time ,all your life. someday your sarrows will turn into happiness.
If i say light lamps for 48 days or 64 days it becomes like astrology remedies.You know lighting lamps is of great value.Then when ever you get chance please make it as a habit.If you dont have temples near by, Lighting lamps at house will be enough .

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