Sunday, 26 September 2010

Value of Chanting sai sai sai :

Chanting is also like yoga.The good vibration of chanting "sai " "aum namah shivaya" Aum Namo Narayanaya" "Hare krishna, hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram hare hare" all these chants creates a vibration in our body and mind.It creates in us a divine energy . For shirdi saibaba devotees we have baba's wonderful assurance that all we have to do is to say
Sai Sai Ssai....our previous births bad karma will be washed away and sai will bless us with the rewards of out devotion.

Remember sai alone in your mind and say sai sai sai....sai sai sai...sai sai sai ...countless times....! shirdi saibaba will wash away your bad karma and bless you fulfilling all your wishes.

If i have made a seperate website to help shirdi saibaba devotees learn the importance of saying "sai sai sai " , it means shirdi saibaba wants me to spread this message. It is sai who has made you come to this site and requesting you to remember him. In this fast world, you wont have time for such things but we all waste time worrying and discussing our problems with friends and relatives.Its good. But if you remember shirdi saibaba and chant "sai sai sai" atleast few minutes or hours per day , shirdi saibaba will also remember you and atleast prove that he is there for you.

Please chant sai's name without expectations, with total devotion and love on our sweet shirdi saibaba. Make it as a habit. Some day sai is surely going to bless you with a peace and prosperity

You can also chant any mantra or names of shirdi saibaba:

It is not necessary that you must only chant 'sai sai sai .Its good to chant names of any God or saint from any religion..Trust me even i used to say "sairam" and chant.....but baba gave me 2-3 hints to make this site and spread the message of chanting "sai sai sai" .The day i got the inspiration to make a seperate site for chanting sais name, One of my sai friend in saibaba temple , told me chanting "sairam" is good but chanting "sai sai sai" and "ram ram ram" seperately has its own power. The next day i also decided to say "sai sai sai" in my heart. Believe me the vibration was beautiful and ofcourse , baba himself has asked me to see him in the form of Lord Ram. so sometimes i chant "sairam" and at times " Sai sai sai ".

You can try other chant of shirdi saibaba :

Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.....

Sairam....sairam..... sairam...

Aum sai Namo Namah,

Sri sai namo namah,
Jaya jaya sai namo namah
Sadguru saiye namo namah.....

Aum sri sai ram

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