Tuesday, 11 January 2011

To Know You

How beautiful it is to know you GoD, as I still my heart before and you are awesome love that always surrounds me. I am lost in the depths of your love God ( baba)

There is nowhere that I would rather be, then in the presence of my God. I love you with all my heart and i live for you only.

Each day is precious because you are there, i know you show importance in everything I do and everything I do, I do with you God
I am devoted to You, Lover of my soul.

You took this life of ruin and your grace showed me love. How beautiful it is to know you
How wonderful the love we share on this world

You loved me enough to teach me, to chasten me when I did wrong To encourage me along the way and help me to set boundaries to keep me safe.

Now my heart sings to you god, love and appreciation I give to you. From the depths of my very being My heart cries out to You, I love you!

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