Monday, 10 January 2011

<><><><><..Sai Nath Reminders..><><><><>

Jahan karam chhuthaa hain punya ko

Aur dharam chhuthaa hain bhakthi ko

sayee wahan tumhaara aashish hain

Sayee wahan tumhara aashish hain

Oh, Sai! Let Your blessings be upon us

As our deeds lead to noble consequences

In the path of devotion for that is our only righteous duty

Oh Sai! Let your blessings be upon us!

Intense pursuit of at-one-ment with Sadguru leads a saadhaka to completely believe that it is the Sadguru that defines every deed and to him the consequences are credited to. His reminders of our spiritual duty in the path of devotion are perhaps the only cognizance a saadhaka should pay attention to. There is no need for any other form of discrimination. A diligent focus on this simple truth should eventually dismiss all other forms of discrimination. What is more futile than spend a life's time on the convenient facts, the concoctions of the intellect! Faith, patience, humility, love and compassion by any definition are indiscriminate expressions that Sadguru requires of a devotee. These expressions have only origin not a destination, just like the warmth of the sun and the comfort of a cool breeze. Indiscriminate!

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